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Poster: Jack o' Roses Date: Jun 6, 2011 5:16am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Tomorrow's Day In History

Clarifying my Memorial day post:

May God bless those who have selflessly served their countries, throughout time!

D-Day was but one example of selfless leadership doing the thing that all the Allies felt necessary, & I am *NOT* arguing that point at all.

Nor was I judging the motivations of leaders past, but let's face it: some leaders *have* sent their troops into battle for selfish reasons, others have *NOT.* Few would argue Hitler's motivations for his nationalistic attitudes I view as a root cause of WWII; nor argue the US motivation for entry into the same War.

To the men in uniform reading this, as I told the servicemen at church a week ago (Sunday & Monday services,
I add), Thank You for Your service!

Out of respect, I waited until now to clarify.... I still feel that WAR IS WRONG!

...But SERVICE is RIGHT: service to God, to Country, to humankind,...

THANKS, former & current servicemen!

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Poster: William Tell Date: Jun 6, 2011 12:57pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

Cultural norms confound and confuse one and all with respect to conflicts; paradoxes, contradictions and inconsistencies abound when one discusses the morality of war, "just war", and the degree to which honoring warriors (seemingly straightforward and "right") may at times, unfortunately validate war itself.

In the end, the fact that War is Hell is about all one can safely conclude. The sooner all cultures move closer to avoidance of war at virtually all cost, the better off we will all be...Sadly, it must be recognized that in some cultures war is still glorified, and sacrifices in the name of some deity to right some wrong (typically, to said faithbased entity), or to achieve a society in which values shared by one group (yes, even "democracy") will be available (forced upon) to another, are viewed as the ultimate (and appropriate) service to likeminded members of that particular "tribe".

Recall that though it sounded silly when in the 60s folks said "inside every SE Asian is an American waiting to get out", it is precisly what more recent proponents of our global strategic paradigm assumed for any number of countries we've "helped"...ahem. Don't get me wrong; Rosey can probably affirm the degree to which youngsters everywhere accept (and reject) "americana" as they see fit, and we may eventually be one big mall shopping homogeneous mass of humanity, but we are not currently close to complete agreement as to what constitutes the universal (if they exist) "truths" that cross all cultures.

I will close by noting it's really the reason I stick around here: I am confident that when the light shines just right, there's a little William Tell Era Bias in each and everyone of you.

Even if I have to beat the beejeebers outta ya, it'll show thru eventually, eh?

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Poster: micah6vs8 Date: Jun 7, 2011 12:40pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace/ Trivia

I agree w/ you WT, that validating the individual soldier can be misunderstood as agreement w/ the policy that sent that soldier into combat.
I have never given any personal views on these wars we are engaged in, though I have probably posted on militarily matters more than anyone in the past year. All I'll say is, "War is Hell" and I hate war. I hate the ending of lives so young and the potential of that life. I hate the inevitable deaths of innocents. However, war will always be with us. I wish it wasn't so. For land, resources or raw power.
We have liberated millions of people in the last 70 years, and we have failed drastically as well. While it is noble to try, and that must be acknowledged, so must the failures be addressed.

p.s. Can I get out of WT banishment land? I won't be a smart ass unnecessarily. To you. :-)

Trivia edit- Can someone tell me who said this? I couldn't find it. Ha, if it is me by a lotteries chance...

"You can forget about war, but war does not forget about you." I'm thinking Rome or Classical Greece.

edit #2- The correct wording came to me, "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you." It's by Leon Trotsky!
Classical Greece or Rome. Just a bit off target.

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Poster: bluedevil Date: Jun 6, 2011 5:43pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

Nice thought:

for the wordsmith....

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Poster: William Tell Date: Jun 7, 2011 7:17am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

Wait a mean there's room in there after I sent Flow and Dire? Crap, I thought the place was too small when skies was there with her smelly cheese know, less than regular bathing habits.

But, seriously--I just don't come round enough to administer such a place anymore; that'd take too much effort!

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Poster: SomeDarkHollow Date: Jun 7, 2011 8:23am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

"There's a little William each and everyone of you."

If there is, I haven't noticed it yet (please, no disparaging remarks along the lines of "That's what Mrs. Tell said"), but if so please be so kind as to remove it post haste, I'd have a hard time explaining that to the Mrs.

As to your overall point, I feel Mr. Zappa has described as well as any "expert" I've heard:

Whoever we are, wherever we're from, we shoulda noticed by now our behaviour is dumb
And if our chances expect to improve it's gonna take a lot more than tryin' to remove the other race or the other whatever from the face of the planet altogether
They call it "The Earth" which is a dumb kinda name but they named it right 'cause we behave the same
We are dumb all over
Dumb all over, yes we are, dumb all over, near and far, dumb all over, black 'n white, people, we is not wrapped tight
And nerds on the left, nerds on the right
Religious fanatics on the air every night, sayin' the bible tells the story and makes the details sound real gory about what to do if the geeks over there don't believe in the book we got over here
You can't run a race without no feet
And pretty soon there won't be no street for dummies to jog on or doggies to dog on
Religious fanatics can make it be all gone
I mean it won't blow up and disappear, it'll just look ugly for a thousand years
You can't run a country by a book of religion
Not by a heap or a lump or a smidgeon of foolish rules of ancient date, designed to make you all feel great while you fold, spindle and mutilate those unbelievers from a neighbouring state
To arms, to arms
Hooray! That's great, two legs ain't bad
Unless there's a crate they ship the parts to mama in
For souvenirs: two ears (Get down)
Not his, not hers but what the hey
The good book says, "It's gotta be that way"
But their book says, "Revenge the crusades"
With whips 'n chains and hand grenades
Two arms, two arms
Have another and another
Our Cod says, "There ain't no other"
Our Cod says, "It's all ok"
Our god says "This is the way"
It says in the book, "Burn and destroy"
And repent and redeem and revenge and deploy and rumble thee forth to the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side
'Cause they don't go for what's in the book and that makes 'em bad
So verily we must choppeth them up and stompeth them down
Or rent a nice French bomb to poof them out of existence while leaving their real estate just where we need it to use again for temples in which to praise our god, 'cause he can really take care of business
And when his humble TV servant with humble white hair and humble glasses and a nice brown suit and maybe a blonde wife who takes phone calls, tells us our god says it's ok to do this stuff, then we gotta do it
'Cause if we don't do it we ain't "Gwine up to hebbin"
Depending on which book you're using at the time
Can't use theirs, it don't work, it's all lies, gotta use mine
Ain't that right?
That's what they say
Every night, everyday
Hey, we can't really be dumb if we're just following god's orders
Well let's get serious, god knows what he's doin'
He wrote this book here and the book says, "He made us all to be just like him"
So, if we're dumb, then god is dumb and maybe even a little ugly on the side

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Poster: William Tell Date: Jun 7, 2011 10:50am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

I suppose this requires a "don't worry, Mrs SDH is having too hard a time over here to get to the computer, so fear not" but I'd never stoop to that level.

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Poster: bluedevil Date: Jun 7, 2011 11:45am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

is the correct answer 10-12-68? Or 2-14-68?

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Poster: William Tell Date: Jun 7, 2011 11:51am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

She's not leaving til she gets it right...

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Poster: SomeDarkHollow Date: Jun 7, 2011 11:58am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

I must warn you against asking her such a question. Last time I asked something similar I was quickly reminded about the odds of hitting a stud when having your head put through the drywall.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Jun 7, 2011 12:35pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace...spousal abuse?

Yes, I can see it now: Mrs Tell would assist, pointing out that the corner would be a better target area since the probability of hitting a supporting beam would be higher.

Besides, once my head was lodged in that wall I'd probably find where she's been hiding all my DEAD CDs of late...right next to the CREAM she hates even more now.

She used to have hiding places for really valuable items, but she has a new set of priorities these days.

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Poster: micah6vs8 Date: Jun 7, 2011 12:21pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: War and Peace

Skies was there eating her(?) smelly cheese and speaking French. Badly. No sign of hf or dire. Or me now!